At Perth Plasterboard Centre, we specialise in supplying all of your plasterboard needs, no matter how small or large the project.

  • Plasterboard
    By far the most popular interior lining product used in domestic and commercial construction today. Available in 10mm and 13mm thickness. BGC plasterboard is manufactured using a gypsum core covered with a linerboard which is wrapped around the gypsum to protect the core.
  • Water Resistant Plasterboard
    BGC Water Resistant Plasterboard is designed for wet area walls in residential and commercial buildings such as bathrooms, laundries, toilets and cleaning room areas. Available in 10mm and 13mm thickness.
  • Fireboard
    BGC Fireboard is designed for industrial, commercial and residential applications both in new builds and renovations. Available in 10mm and 13mm thickness.
  • Moisture Resistant Flameboard
    BGC Moisture Resistant Flameboard is typically used in a splashback area behind a cooktop where a higher fire resistance is required above that of 10mm plasterboard. It can also be used as a wet area liner. Available in 10mm thickness.
  • Wet Area Fireboard
    BGC Wet Area Fireboard is material that’s used to achieve Fire Resistance Limitations. This lining material is usually only used to partition situations where an FRL is required in conjunction with a wet area. It is not normally used in a ceiling situation as this does not constitute as a wet area. Available in 13mm and 16mm thickness.
  • Curveboard™
    CurveBoard™ is the ideal solution for creating curves on interior walls and ceilings, giving endless freedom and flexibility. Available in 6.5mm thickness.
  • SoundBoard™
    SoundBoard™ is high density plasterboard that has been specifically designed to greatly reduce unwanted noises that can be heard from one room to another through walls and ceilings. Available in 10mm and 13mm thickness.
  • Impactboard
    Impactboard is speciality plasterboard that has fibreglass strands within the product and a heavier paper liner ensuring its suitability for use in very high traffic areas where walls are subjected to being knocked. Available in 13mm thickness.
  • BGC Enviroboard
    BGC Enviroboard is manufactured using more recycled content than standard plasterboard and is 13mm thick and can be used in wall and ceiling systems.
  • Cove Cornice
    BGC Cove Cornice is made up of a plaster core with a paper face to complement BGC Plasterboard and Ceilingboard. It can be used on both plasterboard lining and cement plastered walls. It is produced in three timeless profile sizes, 55mm, 75mm and 90mm.
  • Decorative Cornice
    The decorative cornice range adds the finishing touch to the interior décor of new homes and renovations and comes in three distinctive profiles.



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